Portable Grinder

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Notice & Caution

Relevant for 350ml, 380ml, 400ml and 500ml portable blenders

Don't seperate the bottle and motor or open the bottle while the Vitamer is grinding.

Easy Assemble

Use with caution to avoid physical injury.

Easy Wash

Don't start your Vitamer if the glass cup is empty. This may cause the motor to overheat.

Easy Wash

Keep your Vitamer away from minors.

Easy Wash

Don't put your Vitamer into water hotter than 70° to avoid temperature distortion.

Easy Wash

Don't disassemble, reform or refit your Vitamer. This may cause it to malfunction, which can be dangerous.

Easy Wash

Don't wash your Vitamer with banana oil, gasoline, scouring powder or other corrosive liquid. This may damage the surface of your Vitamer.

Easy Wash

Keep your Vitamer away from a microwave oven, electric heater and other heating devices  to avoid discolouration or distortion.

Easy Wash

Although every Vitamer features "Safety Mode", we don't recommend pressing the 'on/off' button when the glass cup and motor are detached.


Portable Grinder

How To Use

Step one
Fully charge your Vitamer

Charge your Vitamer until the orange light changes to white. Please only use your Vitamer charger.

Step two
Add your ingredients

Detach the glass cup from the base. Add your ingredients. Do not overfill. Place the part with the blades onto the class cup - remember that the light grey rubber seal must be fitted around the edge of the silver plate below the blades.

Step three

Tightly screw the base onto the glass cup until the white light flashes. 

Step four

Double click the power button to start. Tip: if the blades are blocked, flip your Vitamer upside down while starting.  While grinding, shaking your Vitamer at a 45 degree angle can help grind more effectively. If needed, grind more than once.

Step five

Immediately after use, fill the glass cup half-full with water, add a drop of soap, blend for 10 seconds, and then rinse the parts. Do not submerge the motor in water. If needed, detach all the parts and clean separately. Ensure your charging port flap is closed.

How to use your Portable Grinder

Here is a short video on how to use your Vitamer Portable Grinder.

Fault & Diagnosis

  1. Vitamer won't start
    • If used continuously for a long time?
    • If the blade is stuck by ingredients?
    • If the bottle is connected to the motor correctly?
    • If the battery is flat?

    • Wait for the motor to cool down.
    • Remove the ingredients that's stuck - ensure that blades are clear.
    • Make sure that the bottle is properly tightened onto the motor/base.
    • Use after fully charged.
  2. Ingredients can't be grinded
    • Check if your ingredients are too much or too little?

    • Add enough ingredients.
  3. Orange & white light flickers alternatively, and motor won't start
    - If safety mode is activated?
    - If the battery is flat?

    - Retighten the bottle to the motor.
    - Charge the device.
  4. Orange light flickers and motor won't start
    • If the device is overloaded / blades are blocked?

    • Adjust your ingredients inside your Vitamer.
    • Ensure the blades are free to start spinning.
  5. There is a burning smell
    • If used continuously for a long period of time?

    • Frtiction may cause a burning smell. Do not worry; it is not a malfunction.


For first time use, please fully charge your Vitamer Portable Grinder

LED light is orange when charging. LED light is white when it is finished charging.

Easy Assemble

Press the 'on/off' button when the battery is fully charged, the white light will indicate that it is ready to blend.

Easy Wash

When the battery is low, the red and white light will flicker alternately.